Chelsea Zhang - Piano

Chelsea Zhang is an accomplished musicologist and pianist with a rich educational background and a diverse range of teaching and performance experiences. She earned her MA in the History of Western Music from Shandong Normal University and an MA in Piano Performance from Marshall University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Piano Performance at the University of Washington School of Music. 

From 2012 to 2013, Chelsea served as a music teacher at Taishan Nursing Vocational College, where she taught music-related courses, organized music activities, and directed the college's first large chorus. Her leadership in this role led to the chorus's participation in TV shows and competitions, significantly raising its profile in the city. She also played a pivotal role in student competitions as a judge and coach, leading her students to achieve top placements. 

In 2013, Chelsea introduced a new course titled "Arts Introduction," focusing on the history of Western and Chinese music, and played a key role in organizing academic publicity activities that were highly praised. After obtaining her master's degree in 2016, she became a music teacher at Yanxiang Primary School, where she adapted songs for the school chorus and led them to a second-place finish in a chorus competition. She also worked as an accompanist at a dance school before joining Shenghan Finance and Trade Vocational College as a music teacher. 

Chelsea has been recognized with numerous scholarships, including the Second-class School Outstanding Students’ Scholarships of Shandong University in November 2008, an Individual Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Students of

Shandong Normal University in December 2014, and a Privately Funded Scholarship from Marshall University in 2021. 

Her list of awards is extensive, highlighting her talent and dedication to music. Notable achievements include first place in the 2021 WVMTA Mountain State Competition, finalist status in the Marshall University School of Music Competition in February 2021, and active participation in the Sicily International Piano Festival & Competition in 2019. She has also received numerous awards for her academic and teaching accomplishments, as well as her participation in sports and extracurricular activities, demonstrating her well-rounded capabilities and leadership skills.