Anthony Sun - Piano

Anthony Sun started learning the piano at the age five and gave his first public recital when he was nine. Since then, Anthony has accompanied choirs, played on the worship team for his local church, performed at recitals, and competed at countless competitions. His more notable awards include: first place at the Performing Arts Festival of the Eastside (PAFE) in 2019, second place at the United States International Music Competition in 2018, and third place at the Steinway Junior Piano Competition in 2019. 

In the past, Anthony has studied with phenomenal pianists such as Sandra Wright Shen and Ruth Slenczynska, and is currently under the tutelage of Michi Hirata North and Dr. McCabe. Anthony is currently a third-year undergraduate at the University of Washington pursuing both a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance as well as a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. 

Besides fostering a great love and passion for music from a young age, Anthony has found immense joy in being able to share and teach music to others. Since he was 14, Anthony has been teaching young kids piano, and in the past, has even started and led a keyboard class dedicated to teaching kids with special needs about music and the piano. For Anthony, teaching music is less about showing one how to physically play music, but about allowing one to discover their own personal relationship with music and to use that to express their deepest feelings. 

Besides playing piano, Anthony enjoys reading, playing sports such as basketball and tennis, and doing jigsaw puzzles.