Yunze Mu - Composer

I consider myself a listener since I was a child. I love to listen to people's stories no matter who they are. I also love to listen to the sounds themselves, though--voices, nature sounds, digital noise, or other sounds. I imagine all those sounds interacting with each other and establish a system in my mind.

Different from some other listeners, I have a strong will to share my imagination at the same time. I started writing fiction novels since I was a child and established almost a thousand stable readers at that time until I found a better way to share my feeling--composing. I stopped writing novels and started composing ever since then.

As a child born in the '90s (1994), technology is the coolest thing in my opinion. I love computer games, I love programming, and I think they help me to think logically. My parents bought me computers and always kept them up-to-date since I was 6, which helped me to explore the wonder of technologies myself.

As a proud computer nerd who loves to compose, computer music seems the best art form for me to transmit my ideas. In my music, I love to exhibit an underlying order beyond the superficial disorder, which also represents my contradictory mixture of introversion and extroversion.

My interests and hard work have let my music, papers, and VR installations be shown and performed at numerous events and conferences, such as NIME, ICMC, SEAMUS, NYC Electronic Music Festival, and venues in China, Poland, France, United States, and Korea. In 2016, my multimedia project, 'The Vicissitudes of Piying', was funded by China National Arts Fund, Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.

On April 29th, 2022, I received my DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) degree in Composition at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, and I hope to continue to express my feelings and ideas better to more people through music.

Compositions and more information can be found on